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Make your case for CEWIL 2024 in Calgary

Do you want to attend the CEWIL 2024 Conference in Calgary, but are unsure on how to convince your manager you need to go to this event?

Conferences offer valuable opportunities for staff to acquire fresh skills, gain insights, and make new connections. Convincing your manager to grant you permission involves demonstrating how the conference will enhance your job performance, further the organization's goals, and address a specific challenge. Here is how to build a rationale for you to attend.

  1. Review the CEWIL 2024 Conference schedule and identify the sessions you will attend. Clearly outline how these sessions will directly benefit your work. Provide specific details, including the names of the sessions.

  2. Download the sample letter for requesting approval to attend the CEWIL 2024 Conference. Customize it to suit your  needs.

  3. Develop a contingency plan for who will handle your responsibilities at work while you are away attending the conference.

  4. Conduct thorough research on the keynote speakers and other presenters. Prepare specific questions that are pertinent to their topics and directly applicable to your work.

  5. Inquire whether any of your colleagues are also attending the conference. Emphasize the significance of networking with these peers and highlight how their presence reinforces the event's importance. If they are not attending, emphasize how important it is to have someone from your office there.

  6. Convey to your manager that engaging with conference exhibitors is akin to obtaining valuable insights from a high-priced consultant at a reduced cost.

  7. Leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn to share your excitement about the conference. Post about the speakers, agenda, and your anticipated experience. Additionally, share feedback and comments from others about the CEWIL 2024 Conference with your manager.

  8. Establish concrete post-conference objectives and strategies that you plan to implement. This could involve developing a plan to engage faculty career champions or updating the content of your resume workshop.

  9. Outline a plan to disseminate the knowledge gained from the conference. For example, allocate 20 minutes in the upcoming staff meeting to discuss new trends presented at CEWIL 2024, or consider writing an article for your in-house or association newsletter. Demonstrate how this dissemination multiplies the company's investment.

  10. Justify the cost of attending the CEWIL 2024 Conference by comparing it to other educational courses and offerings. Highlight how many alternatives are more time-consuming and expensive, making the conference a cost-effective choice.

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